Get Your Site Up and Running Perfectly Without the Headache or Hassle

Starting a business or blog is tough enough without the added expense and difficulty of launching your site. Sometimes, you just need a qualified designer to make sure everything is set up correctly and running smoothly so you start off on the right foot, without having to pay an arm and a leg before even making your first dollar.

After numerous requests, I’d like to introduce the Up and Running site package, perfect for the upstart, bootstrapping entrepreneur or blogger looking to set up his or her web presence immediately and on a limited budget.

If you’re looking to get your site off the ground quickly and need help doing so, the affordable Up and Running site package is built for you.

Up and Running is perfect for someone who:

  • wants to get started right away, and establishing a website is the biggest hurdle
  • is looking to create an authority site, not just any other simple Tumblr or Blogger site
  • wants a clean and easy-to-use site to drive traffic and reach his/her audience
  • is on a budget and wants something simple yet effective to start off with
  • hopes to grow and build upon the site in the future

Up and Running is NOT for:

  • sites with numerous pages
  • sites needing multiple layouts per page or section
  • sites that need custom design, branding, or identity
  • sites that require a lot of custom functionality (custom-built web stores, portfolio sites, photography sites, forums)

Though your site will be optimized for future growth, custom features are not included in this starter package.

Why buy the Up and Running package?

  • it is a complete and straight-forward starter solution, all you’ll have to worry about is writing your first post!
  • similar packages elsewhere can cost as much as $1500+ (for example, my Made To Measure package starts at $1800)
  • all your questions will be answered; ask me anything about your site’s setup and I’ll show you how to do it
  • receive free Quick Start pointers via email once I deliver your site, so you know how to control the WordPress back-end

The Up and Running package includes

  • installation of WordPress, the best platform available to run your site
  • installation of a free WooThemes theme (by far the most user-friendly; I will suggest the best themes based on your site’s concept, message, and what you hope to achieve)
  • customization of theme’s look and feel (you will have the ability to change it later, as it’s all controllable in the WordPress and WooTheme back-end)
  • setup of a blog component
  • setup of five static information pages (Index or Home page, Contact Us page, etc.)
  • setup of social media sharing, so you can promote your site to the world
  • progress updates throughout the build process, from start to completion

All I’ll need to complete your site

  • your login and FTP information from your hosting service
  • all your site assets, if you have them (logo, special background, etc.)
  • all your content (but if you’re still working on content, you can enter it later, and I’ll show you how)

You take care of these things

  • purchasing domain (about $10/year) and hosting (as little as $8/mo). If you’re unsure how to do either, I will suggest options and guide you through the process
  • content creation

What doesn’t it include?

  • complex functionality beyond what is provided through the theme or WordPress
  • custom graphics
  • a premium theme

Perfect! So how do we get started?

Once you click the Buy Now button, you’ll be taken to PayPal where you’ll check out and complete a one-time payment. I will send you an email once the checkout process is finished. We can discuss your business’ or blog’s objectives, and how we will mold a site to fit.

From there, we’ll map out a plan of your site’s basic structure, for example, which five pages you’ll need, if you will need a blog component, etc. I will give you an estimated production schedule and completion date. Keep in mind that I’m providing this service on a first-come, first-served basis, and there may be projects ahead of you in line.

How long will the site take to complete?

Once we’ve established a start date, the typical time is 2-3 weeks until completion.

How much is the Up and Running package?


For the first six customers, I’d like to offer this package for $547, $300 off the standard price. Once these six slots are filled, the Up and Running package will go back to its original price.

Reserve your slot today, and take the first major step toward establishing your web presence.


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