Tools + Resources

No matter the project, I find myself using the same set of resources over and over. Below is a list of what I utilize regularly. They’ve become a vital part of my site-building arsenal, and since I’ve had nothing but great experiences with these products, I’m happy to promote them here.

Just so you know, some of the links below are affiliate links. This means I earn a small percentage if you purchase a product through this page. These earnings help support me and the upkeep of this site, and I very much appreciate that.

Hosting your site


My hosting provider for years. Great customer service, easy to get help through the Control Panel, never have had issues.

Save 50% off your yearly subscription, plus another $50 when signing up by using these coupon codes: GIVEMEMAX or USEMESAVE97 or WHYPAYMORE

Blogging / CMS / Frameworks


Every site I build runs on WordPress. Why? Sites that run on WordPress are easily updatable, backed by a great support community, and are optimized for awesomeness. WordPress gives my clients the most control with the least headaches.

Platform Pro by PageLines is built on Platform Pro, the WordPress framework by PageLines. This is a perfect solution for clients looking to easily manage their own site changes. The framework allows for the customization of many different elements. More details here.


Thesis is another wonderful WordPress framework that allows for limitless customization, and is what I use on most of my Bespoke sites. This framework is extremely flexible, loads quickly, and is SEO optimized.


I refer my clients to WooThemes when looking to build a Made To Measure site. They provide many themes to choose from, and you’re bound to find one that suits your project.

Building your email list


Stay in contact with your subscribers easily and manage your subscription through an easy-to-use interface. Sign up through the above link and earn a $30 credit towards your account!

Seamless Storage (from anywhere)


By far my go-to file handling system, all in the cloud. Easily integrated among all your machines, and your flies are accessible through any computer. Best of all, there’s a very generous FREE option.

Handling the cold hard cash


I use this payment service the most; great reliability, instantly recognizable. 


Just switched over to this invoicing / billing system, and I LOVE it. Easily track invoices, clients, payments, everything.

Outstanding guides

The Unconventional Guide to Freelancing (Freelancing 301)

This guide by Chris Guillebeau has not only helped me through the setup of my freelancing business, but has also proved invaluable when it comes to gaining mastery over mindset, communication with clients, and tips on handling all the moving parts of a one-man show. While you’re there, why not pick up some other guides to improve other parts of your life.