Bespoke Sites are for the individual (or small business) who wants the best of everything: A beautiful, purpose-driven, fully unique design and complete WordPress implementation with clean, standards-based markup. This is the most custom package I offer.

Not Just Any Ol’ Site

Your site’s design is unique and will be influenced by a combination of things, including your ideal customer, your industry’s aesthetic, your product, and your content. The outcome will be far different from any ol’ basic out-of-the-box WordPress theme.

Looking for a way to highlight featured content in a slideshow? Sure, I can do that. You want mini features somewhere on your homepage, so clients can read the latest articles from each category? No problem.

Bespoke sites are your opportunity to explore many customization options that will fit you best. We will work together to figure out which functionality is the most appropriate, so your content steals the show without any unnecessary and potentially distracting bells and whistles.

What that means for you

Happier customers, a better online experience, more sales, more clients, more of your good name getting out there on the interwebz… all because you have a site designed with purpose that gets out information as effectively as can be.

What’s the damage?

Bespoke sites start at $3290 for a fully-functional website and/or blog and up to ten pages.

Think a Bespoke Site may be the solution your business needs? Contact me below, and let’s find out together.

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