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About this site

This is a space where I take on design-based topics as it relates to entrepreneurs and small businesses. I discuss ideas like the importance of keeping things simple, how small elements can make a huge difference to your visitors’ experience, what makes a design memorable yet effective, and the best ways to piss off your customers.

I talk about other things too, like entrepreneurship, experiments in deliberate living, productivity, and the tools and products I use to build my own business. Feel free to check out the blog, but be careful! It gets juicy. (Not really.)

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A little about B

I’ve been designing and building websites since 1997 (I was 12!), when I created my first site using basic HTML and Microsoft Notepad. Truthfully, it was pretty terrible and I wish I still had a copy. I kept at it however, and design, development, and the web held my interest long enough that I even went to school for it, graduating from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2008.

Just so you know, school doesn’t necessarily make a good designer, but learning from successful designers and developers in the field helps lay the foundation while teaching the fundamentals… some of which are so minute and slight, the “self-taught” designer might not necessarily pick up on it.

Since 2006, I’ve worked for startups and corporations, in both design and development roles. In more recent years, I’ve helped fellow entrepreneurs create a web presence that not only attracts their market, but provides them an easy user interaction while getting them the information they need.

Why design matters for your business

A well-designed website is not only sexy and nice to look at, but extremely effective in carrying out its intended objective. Whether you are selling a product, highlighting useful content, or featuring your available services, design plays a big role in getting your message out to the right people.

Ultimately, good design conveys to your audience that you got it together, you’re knowledgeable about your niche, and you’re a professional. I’ll help you get your site there.

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